How to change your subconscious beliefs

Humans are considered to be rational beings, but is that really so? Looking at people’s behaviour, strong doubts creep in. It is true that biologically we possess the largest brain in relation to body size than any other brain. However, no animal is capable of such violence, cruelty, and use of destructive forces like humans. Why is that? 

Live Life Dynamically!

Life is movement and movement is dynamic. Existence is in perpetual motion: from our internal processes within the body to the earth, all is in a constant dynamic state. I love Osho Dynamic Meditation, because it epitomises the search of stillness amidst action.

Simon Lunt
Meditation supplements?

Yes, supplements can help your meditation practice! Ok I know, you might ask: what have supplements to do with consciousness? How can a multivitamin make you more peaceful, calm, silent, loving?

Francesco Gatti
Healthy gut, healthy brain

You may have heard expressions like “the gut is the second brain” or “the gut is the hidden brain”. But what does it all mean? And how does this affect your life?

Francesco Gatti
Hire your boss!

You may have not realised it yet but the work environment has changed. The future is already here, even though you may not live it right now.

Francesco Gatti