Don't be a loser on holiday!

Holiday means holiday. It’s a time to switch off, rest and relax. However, so many people come back from holiday more tired than when they left. It seems to me a “blue Monday” syndrome in large scale. How come is it so hard to just relax during time off and go back to the office recharged and full of energy?

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Francesco Gatti
The 5 most common obstacles when starting Osho Dynamic Meditation

Let’s be honest: Dynamic Meditation is hardcore. It is an intense process and it requires commitment. However, it is very natural and easy going once you master the technique. Yes, it may take a little while to familiarise yourself with it, but once you get it, you will fly high. From my personal experience, and having taught Osho Dynamic Meditation in London for the past 5 years to hundreds of people, I see some recurring and common challenges when starting this meditation.

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How to enjoy stress with Osho Active Meditation

It is widely acknowledged that meditation is the most powerful stress relief tool available today. However not all meditation techniques are made equal.


How Osho Active Meditation is different


Osho Active Meditation is a modern and revolutionary approach to meditation which tackles stress in a different way. Contrary to all the other meditation techniques, Osho Active Meditation does not work by aiming to induce directly a state of relaxation: the approach is to lead you to relaxation as a consequence of extreme tension.

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What Do Psychedelic Drugs and Meditation have in common?

According to Steven Kotler, cofounder of the Flow Genome Project, most of the Silicon Valley executives nowadays take drugs, particularly micro-doses of psychedelic drugs. In case you don’t know, Silicon Valley is the hub of most of the major forces that shape our current world – Google, Apple, Facebook… you got the idea!

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Go beyond your limits!

If one of our hunter gatherer ancestors, would compete to the next Olympics, it would probably snatch some medals in various disciplines and without any formal training. According to scientists and anthropologists, our predecessors were formidable athletes compared to the average modern person. The truth is: our modern technological progress made us weaker. Yes, we live a much more comfortable life but we are paying a high price for it.

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How catharsis can improve your relationships

Relationships are one of the most complex phenomena in life. The great German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, described the human condition using the “hedgehog's dilemma”: a group of hedgehogs all seek to become close to one another in order to share heat during cold weather. They must remain apart, however, as they cannot avoid hurting one another with their sharp spines.

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